You need a hearty breakfast to start your day right, so try one of these great restaurants!

The Best Breakfasts In Yakima

Powerhouse Grill

Powerhouse Grill has an amazing breakfast menu with options for every stomach.  Their powerhouse skillet is chockful of meats and vegetables to form a hearty nutritious breakfast, and those who like something sweet in the morning will want to order the blueberry cream crepes.  Balance it with one of their juices and a cup of coffee.

Backwoods Cafe

This family-owned cafe serves up food just as delicious as your mother made.  Try the vegetable-filled sunrise scramble, made with eggs, spinach, scallions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and you can have some breakfast meat on the side if you so choose.  Oatmeal, which is not normally a restaurant favorite, is delicious here as well, with brown sugar and slow-cooked.

Sweet Bee’s

The biscuits and gravy at Sweet Bee’s taste like they were made down-home.  They’re smothered in gravy, and served alongside eggs and bacon for a full meal.  Another excellent option is their sweet cinnamon french toast, dusted with powdered sugar that you can douse in syrup.

C&S Coffeehouse

TomTom may be known for their coffee, but their breakfasts shouldn’t be missed.  Try their waffles, which are light and fluffy and come in various flavors, including banana and peanut butter.  For vegans, they have a breakfast sandwich that avoids eggs, instead using avocado and vegetables on a croissant.  With breakfast, enjoy one of their blended coffee drinks!

Start your day well with breakfast, so that you’re ready to explore all Yakima has to offer!