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Yakima is known as the center of Central Washington. It is known as the central point of business, education, culture, government and health services in Central Washington. Read more to find out more interesting facts about Yakima’s Economy, climate and population.


Yakima’s economy revolves about agriculture. They value consuming products produced by the country’s farmers. Because of its agriculture, plenty of manufacturing firms have settled in Yakima.



Yakima has four different seasons; spring, fall, summer and winter. Temperatures in the spring are typically around the 60- and 70-degree mark; fall usually 50 and 60 degrees; summer reaching the 80 to 90-degree mark and winter is usually around 20 to 30 degrees. Generally, Yakima’s climate is warm and mostly dry.


Yakima is the 12th largest city in Washington State with a population of about 93,000. People who live in Yakima came from different cultures and have different ethnic backgrounds.



The heart and soul of fresh produce like wine, apple, cherries and many more. Local taco trucks can be seen anywhere and they are delicious! Impressive Mexican food can be found in Yakima. Try some of them!

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