The Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center, situated at 101 N Fair Ave in Yakima, Washington, is a vibrant community hub at the heart of the beloved Yakima Valley. More than a typical visitor’s center, it serves locals and tourists alike with maps, travel advice, and locally-made products, becoming a go-to resource for all things Yakima Valley.

The center provides flexibility for planning your Yakima Valley adventure. Renowned for its friendly and knowledgeable travel consultants, the center assists visitors in crafting ideal travel plans, arranging accommodations, and answering inquiries about exploring the valley. It’s not just a place for information; it’s a space where people converge, share stories, and plan future escapades in Yakima Valley.

The center’s management, driven by a genuine passion for the Yakima Valley, actively seeks out unique attractions to perpetuate a sense of discovery.

The Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center is not just about information; it’s an immersive experience. The gift shop, offering more than just services, is a treasure trove of unique gifts, souvenirs, and apparel reflecting local culture. The center also curates an impressive collection highlighting regional specialties like wine, beer, and cider, providing opportunities for taste exploration through regularly updated assortments of local wines available for sampling.

Managed by a dedicated Board of Directors, the center consistently delivers high-quality and diverse services. They relentlessly pursue unique attractions, ensuring perpetual discovery for visitors. The center is more than just a place for information; it’s a gateway to the beauty that defines Yakima Valley.

Whether exploring Washington’s wine country or the top hop-producing farmland or seeking outdoor adventures under Yakima Valley’s 300 days of sunshine, the Yakima Valley Visitor Information Center is your ultimate destination. The friendly staff and myriad services make it an essential stop, promising a charming experience infused with the richness of Yakima Valley.


101 N Fair Ave, Yakima, WA 98901 | +1 509-573-3388 |