Located at 134 W Main St., Dinoland in Vernal is home to the largest quarry of prehistoric Jurassic dinosaur bones.

This family-friendly wonderland is the only place in the world where you can view and even touch more than 1,500 dinosaur bones in all of their original places.

Head over to the Field House Museum for a hands-on experience where visitors can learn more about the history of the area and gaze at life-size replicas of dinosaurs.

Not only does Dinosaurland offer a window into the world of the Jurassic era, the grounds give guests the opportunity to camp, raft, hike, and picnic.

Plan a day of adventure at the Green River or Split Mountain. Set up a picnic or camping site at either of these two scenic location and enjoy nature. If you are looking for a lively excursion, hike along the ‘Sound of Silence’ trail. The trail offers sweeping views of Split Mountain and stunning rock formations. Exploring on foot will allow you to see colossal arches and rare petroglyphs. Experience the geological diversity of the Dinosaur National Monument on this trek.

After you’ve worked up a sweat on your hike, go whitewater rafting down the Green River. You’ll find a wide array of wildlife and towering, rainbow colored cliffs molded by centuries of water and wind. Float along the Desolation Canyon and see an abundance of cotton tree groves and white sand beaches. View caves and ancient petroglyphs that archaeologists have been studying for years.

A rich history and constant fun for the whole family, makes Dinosaurland the perfect place to visit this summer. Don’t miss out!