The Yellowstone Art Museum’s incredible permanent exhibits pair well with their special Echo: Unspoken Dialects exhibit from July 14-October 19. It’s where the symbolism of written words are showcased while you discover how we experience the written language beyond hearing them—reading them and seeing them are part of the human experience, too. Everything from the grandest of ideas to the littlest word has been explored in written languages.


An array of collections await, like the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel collection featuring 50 stunning pieces of art from 50 states. The Montana collection is the pinnacle of your experience, with over 2,000 pieces from and inspired by this great state. At the Poindexter collection, you’ll find New York Abstract Expressionist Art from the private collection of the Poindexters and spanning several years.

A Touch of Culture

Visit the Edith Freeman collection to see more than 60 woodblock prints, gifted to the museum in 1993. The Virginia Snook collection features the work of Will James, a Montana local illustrator and author. The Yellowstone Art Museum is also home to one of the few “visible vaults” in the world, where the museum’s private storage is on display.

Tours are available, pre-scheduled or private, as well as children’s classes and activities. Throughout the year, special events like the Summerfair, ArtWalk and Jam, art auctions, Paint ‘n’ Sip, Bridal Fair, Winter Fair, and Masquerade Fair offer an especially thoughtful way to enjoy museum activities. Where will your visit take you?