No trip to Billings is complete without exploring the Moss Mansion Museum at 914 Division St. Located in the heart of Billings, the red-stoned mansion was constructed at the turn of the last century by Preston Boyd Moss and Martha Ursula Woodson Moss. The Moss’s were Missouri transplants and said, “There is more happening in Billings, Montana at midnight than at noon in Paris, Missouri.”

The couple and their six children, along with three servants, lived in the mansion from when construction began to 1984. In the 80s, the community rallied together to keep the building. In 1904, when the mansion was completed, it cost $105,000 to construct—compared to the national average of just $5,000. The three-story home features a basement, attached solarium, and an incredible 28 rooms.

Mansion Explorations

The highest point of the home reaches 45 feet into the air. Luxury décor includes wood paneling, gold threads throughout the walls, marble columns and fireplaces, and an antique intercom system. All are original, as is the furniture, carpets and drapes. The Moss children have returned much of the original belongings to the home including needlepoint and quilts.

Every room is themed with a designated function. Featured on the National Register of Historic Places, one-hour guided tours of the lower floors are available (the upper floor used to be a ballroom but is now storage and office space for staff). You’ll also find seasonal exhibits from famed artists from around the world.