A little log cabin was turned into a county museum, and inside you’ll hear tales of the early days. Native American populations from decades past and pioneers from the old days come to life at 1950 Terminal Circle. Known as “the museum on the rim,” the McCormick Cabin treats visitors to an immersive experience of Montana’s past. Here, you’ll see gorgeous saddles crafted by hand and rare firearms.

Original pioneer wagons and collections of tribal beadwork are hallmarks of the museum. You’ll enjoy an incredible view of the Magic City at the museum, which is perched on top of the rims. The museum opened in 1956 and has offered cultural artifacts and unique finds to the public for decades. Here, some of the earliest memorability can be found as you learn about a part of American history.

What to Expect

Originally, the McCormick Cabin was a pioneer family’s home. Paul McCormick built the cabin by hand in 1893, and it quickly became a town gathering space for holiday dinners. Large for the era, it could hold up to 70 guests. Later, the house went to the builder’s nephew until the Elliott family bought it in 1931. Today, the cabin marks the entrance to the sprawling Yellowstone County Museum.

Exhibits include the Indian Nations, Firearms, Cattlemen, Corps of Discovery, and Rip-Roaring Good Time. The cultural museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and educating on the history of the Billings area. Don’t miss out on this top Billings destination.