Make a reservaton at one of these excellent Billings restaurants for Valentine’s Day!


Lilac focuses on modern, friendly, and delicious American dishes, making a romantic Valentine’s dinner comfortable and fun.  Enjoy mushroom risotto or a beer-brined pork chop with a bottle of wine, then split a lemongrass cream pastry for dessert.  The lemongrass creates a bright base flavor while the chili dust adds just a bit of a kick to amp it up.

Ciao Mambo

Italian is a classic date night cuisine for a reason, and Ciao Mambo only reinforces that reputation.  Dig into plates of pasta in garlic cream sauce with artichokes, or enjoy chicken saltimbocca, where the salty proscuitto sets off the sweeter butter sauce to perfection.  For dessert, enjoy a slice of bright lemon marscapone cake topped with sweet huckleberry sauce.

Bistro Enzo

Bistro Enzo is an intimate, romantic cafe where you can talk and flirt over plates of delicious food.  Order their scallop linguini, served in a cream sauce with fresh asparagus, or opt for their airline chicken, which due to fresh ingredients and an updated take on the recipe, is a far cry from the rubbery poultry you’d expect.  For dessert, their molten chocolate cake is sweet and rich, topped with cappucino cream and sliced bananas.

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day while you’re visiting Billings!