If you’re looking to try Billings’ cuisine while relaxing in the hotel, pick up dinner from one of these restaurants!

The Burger Dive

Enjoy some of the best burgers in the area by placing an order at The Burger Dive.  The Jim Beam and Coke burger features a bourbon barbecue sauce accented with sweet coke, smoked gouda cheese, and a bold garlic mayo.  Pair it with a sweet and delicious huckleberry shake and an order of chili cheese fries.


Enjoy giant soft pretzels and sauerkraut fritters to enjoy flavors straight from Bavaria.  For the main course, get the Big Sky platter where you can try a variety of dishes, including schnitzel, bratwurst, and pork shanks, served with a German pickle.  Don’t forget a great beer to complement the meal.

Mackenzie River Pizza

You can never go wrong with pizza for dinner, particularly when you get it from MacKenzie River Pizzeria.  Start with an order of artichoke dip, followed by the Stockman pizza, topped with pepperoni, steak, sausage, and bacon.  If you have room for dessert, try their butter pound cake drowning in bourbon caramel sauce.

Ciao Mambo

Get comfort food from this fantastic Italian restaurant.  The carbonara features a rich, creamy sauce over perfectly al dente pasta, or you can opt for chicken saltimbocca, with cheese, butter sauce, and fresh broccoli.  Their lemon mascarpone cake is a bright and fresh way to finish off the meal.

Don’t miss out on convenient and delicious food while you’re in Billings!