Thirsty Street Brewing Co., a beloved microbrewery in downtown Billings, Montana, is not just a place for grabbing a pint but also a lively community hub. Located at 2123 1st Ave N, Billings, MT, the taproom offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for casual get-togethers and friendly evenings.

The brewery’s beer menu is rich and diverse, featuring flagship brews like “Ryte On Rye IPA,” “Bear’s Delight” Honey Wheat Ale, “Cardigan” Salted Caramel Brown Ale, and “Big Bison” Stout Ale. ‘Le Hop’ Sparkling Hop-infused Water is also available as a non-alcoholic option.

Beyond beer, Thirsty Street Brewing Co. caters to varied tastes with wine, cider, and seltzer offerings. This diverse range guarantees a beverage choice for everyone who walks through its doors.

Thirsty Street Brewing Co. distinguishes itself through various events and entertainment, including live music performances spanning multiple genres, trivia nights, and ping pong competitions. These activities add an exciting twist to the brewery experience.

More than just a brewery, Thirsty Street Brewing Co. actively engages with the Billings community. The company organizes events like “A River Runs Brew It,” where head brewer Shea Dawson emphasizes the significance of Montana’s clear water for fishing, swimming, and brewing.

In essence, Thirsty Street Brewing Co. embodies the energy of Billings’ craft beer scene. Its broad beverage selection, lively events, and warm atmosphere have solidified it as a local favorite. A visit to Thirsty Street Brewing Co. in Billings promises an experience beyond expectations, ensuring delight for all who enter its doors.


2123 1st Ave N, Billings, MT 59101 | +1 406-534-6332 |