Jake’s Downtown, a locally owned and operated steakhouse, has been a culinary cornerstone in the heart of Downtown Billings, Montana, since its establishment in 1979. The restaurant is located in the Historic Grand Building at 2701 1st Ave N and has played a significant role in contributing to the vitality of Downtown Billings while etching its name in the city’s history.

Reflecting on its storied past, Jake’s Downtown has woven itself into the fabric of the community, boasting a remarkable four-decade legacy. Local ownership and unwavering dedication to quality and service have been the linchpins of its endurance, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors.

Diners at Jake’s Downtown are treated to a dining experience that seamlessly blends casual and fine dining. The establishment has earned acclaim for its exceptional service, with patrons praising the staff’s warmth and efficiency. Speed and quality converge to create an experience that goes beyond mere sustenance.

The culinary journey at Jake’s Downtown is nothing short of a delight. The star of the show is, without a doubt, the perfectly cooked steaks that have become the restaurant’s signature. While some have savored exceptional steaks, others may have encountered a less-than-stellar experience. The libations at Jake’s Downtown also share the spotlight, with some being lauded as works of art and others crafted right before patrons’ eyes at the bar.

When you explore the diverse menu, you’ll discover a variety of flavors. The appetizers call out options such as Thai Calamari, Dueling Shrimp, and Pork Pot Stickers. The salad selection introduces dishes like Maple Chicken and Halibut Caprese, showcasing a commitment to variety and freshness. The main course unfolds with various steaks, complemented by offerings like Teriyaki Tenderloin Tidbits and Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.

Jake’s Downtown’s enduring popularity can be attributed to exceptional service, delectable fare, and an inviting ambiance. Whether you harbor a passion for perfectly cooked steaks or seek a unique dining experience in Downtown Billings, Jake’s Downtown beckons as an unmissable destination.


2701 1st Ave N, Billings, MT 59101 | +1 406-259-9375 | https://www.jakesdt.com/