MuseumOur small town of Yakima is a predominantly agricultural community leaving many to think that is about all we offer. In addition to the vineyards and wineries, beautiful views and outdoor activities, there are a few hidden gems that will surely peak your interest. Yakima Valley Museum is one of those things. With a combination of local history, original art, rotating exhibits and an area just for kids, there is something for everyone.

The museum rotates different exhibits throughout the year. Currently on display is the new Sasquatch Revealed exhibit. Starting just last week, this exhibit runs through the end of the year. Compiled by Christopher Murphy, this display originated at the Museum of Vancouver (BC). Some believe Sasquatch to be mythical but whether real or fictional, this exhibit explores the history of the Sasquatch lore through our culture.

Land of Joy and Sorry: Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley is also an ongoing exhibit featuring the history of the Japanese families that settled in the Yakima Valley. A very interesting insight to the Japanese residents before and during the Second World War, this exhibition gives much indepth history their journey and lives here in the Yakima Valley.

The Children’s Museum is located downstairs and is a show stopper. Providing kids with interactive, hands-on play, the Children’s Underground brings history to children on their level. Featuring live animal displays and educational materials on the area’s environment, kids will love to explore the various topics throughout the museum. And, of course, you don’t have to be young to visit the soda shop. Located just behind the museum, this little glimpse back in history lets you relive the glory days of an old timey ice cream parlor and enjoy a burger and milk shake.