Summer Activities in YakimaWashington is wonderful in that is so versatile with both a number of winter and summer activities to enjoy. Here in Yakima, you can enjoy the great outdoors year round and have a great time doing it!

This time of year is great for a trip to Mount Rainier. The beautiful weather allows you many amazing views of the mountain, glacier and the park area surrounding it. Make a day trip of it and enjoy walking around the visitor center, a picnic in the park and the stunning environment surrounding you.

If you are looking for adventure, take you turn at white water rafting. This adrenaline filled adventure gives you a rush as you shoot down the Naches River and/or the Tieton river. Drawing more and more people each year, this action packed sport is a fast up and coming attraction in the Yakima area. Check out some of the outfitters in the area and get ready for a thrilling ride!

Take a tour along the Pacific Crest Trail. Enjoy miles and miles of trails for both hikers and mountain bikers alike. If you are looking for a specific trail system or a trail that best suits your skill level, check out This handy tool will get you out into the great outdoors and allow you to enjoy the sun.

Another thrill seeking adventure awaits you with rock climbing. This fast up and coming adventure is one that is perfectly suited for the mountains West of Yakima. If you are not experienced, check with local outfitters and guides as this sport, while thrilling, can also bring with it, its fair share of dangers.