Cheap Easy Halloween CostumesLooking for last minute cheap and easy Halloween costumes? Here are some of our favorites for you to try out. There is something for you, the kids and the whole family!

Curious George: We all love the Curious George books so why not use this as your inspiration? Find a yellow pair of pants, yellow shirt and yellow tie. Match that with a wide brimmed hat that you can spray paint yellow and a monkey stuffed animal and ta-da!

Bubble Bath: If you have little ones and don’t feel like carrying them all night, just put them in a white outfit, pin white and clear balloons all over them and tote them around in a wagon and you have yourself a portable bubble bath. Throw in a rubber ducky or two and you are sure to get a few extra pieces of candy.

Lumberjack: Have jeans, boots, flannel shirt and beanie? Great! Now all you need is a cheap pair of suspenders from WalMart and you have yourself a lumberjack costume.

Zoo Keeper: Have kids dressing up as animals? Well, why not be a zoo keeper? All you need is a khaki shirt, khaki cargo pants, boots and a name badge with ‘Zoo Keeper’ written on it. Fast, simple and includes the whole family!

101 Dalmations: Another family affair. All it takes is white pants or black shorts with white tights, white shirts and a black magic marker. Draw spots on the white shirts and white tights and you have a litter of puppies.