Just 50 miles from your Yakima Hotel is the sprawling agricultural destination of Mt. Rainier and Puyallup County. The local Native American tribe “pough-allup” (generous people) inhabited the area for thousands of years, and have been vital in nurturing the natural abundance in the area from nuts and berries to fish and game.

Thanks to the mild climate and rich soil, it didn’t take long for settlers to see the region as a fantastic agricultural hot spot. Hops farming quickly became the primary crop in the mid-19th century, growing into the hops global epicenter. Soon after, berries and flower bulbs also rose in popularity.

Back to the Earth

In 1990, the Valley Fair was introduced. Today, it’s a showcase for the best in foods, local entertainment, crops, farming and animals. Now known as the Washington State Fair, it’s one of the biggest in the U.S. Although 70 percent of the area’s farmland has since transitioned to commercial and residential space, there are 320 conserved acres earmarked for farming.

Agricultural visitors enjoy the charms of Yakima and the convenience to the Mt. Rainier area. Don’t forget to sample the famed hops beers, expertly tended wine, and the various crops and game sourced locally.