You can see the peak of Mt. Rainier from much of the Yakima Valley, and exploring the sprawling, 369-square mile Washington State reserve is a must for outdoor lovers. Just southeast of Seattle, the mountain is capped with snow and glaciers for much of the year, and the 6,400-foot sunrise makes for a stunning start to your morning. The summit can be reached by car, and it’s a great place to view other volcanoes nearby like Mt. Adams.

A drive to the summit in the spring is sheer scenic beauty. The wildflowers are starting to blossom, and you’ll find plenty of trails for all levels along the way. A total of 14,410 feet above the sea level, Mt. Rainier is arguably the most famous landmark in the state—and still an active volcano.

Sights Set High

Mt. Rainier holds the title of the most glaciated mountain in the U.S. It encompasses six major rivers and boasts subalpine meadows full of blossoms in the spring and summer months. There’s plenty of wildlife in the rich ecosystem, and it’s a pure birder’s paradise.

Hiking, camping, climbing and picnicking are a few of the most popular activities on Mt. Rainier. Ask your local restaurant or market to pack a to-go box for you, and get ready to start exploring one of the most beautiful parks in the state.