If you need someplace to set up your laptop for an hour or two, try these suggestions!

Whether you’re trying to maintain your word count for National Novel Writing Month, or need to get a bit of work down while you’re in town, these places are great options for you to set up your laptop and increase your productivity!


A coffee shop is an obvious choice, but NorthTown goes above and beyond.  They offer coffee in various forms, smoothies, hot tea, hot chocolate, and Italian sodas, as well as gelato if you need an ice cream break.  The tables are comfortable to work at, and while the cafe is popular, you should be able to snag a good spot.  Ambient noise is present, but not generally overwhelming.  However, the real cache is their private space options.  If you really need quiet, rent one of their private offices by the hour so you can just plow through your tasks.  If you’re meeting others, they also have small meeting rooms where you can gather – and still have access to their amazing coffee!


If you want something a bit brighter than Northtown’s wood-heavy space, NUYU Juice Bar may be a good fit.  Enjoy freshly squeezed juice and real fruit smoothies while you work at their communal tables.  If you get hungry, they offer rice bowls, sandwiches, and salads to satisfy your stomach.

Yakima Central Library

Libraries are so often underappreciated.  They’re free, they’re quiet, they have all sorts of resources from books to printers, and Yakima Central Library is convenient to the hotel!  Food, coffee, and ice cream can all be found nearby if you need a break, and there’s even a park just a block away so you can get a bit of fresh air.

Get out and get inspired by visiting some of our favorite writing or working hangouts!