It’s chilly outside, but one of these cocktails in Yakima is sure to help you keep warm!

Rolling Stone @ Cowiche Canyon

Cowiche Canyon has some delicious food, but they also have a pretty impressive bar.  The Rolling Stone is the perfect cocktail to warm you up in cold weather, with bourbon, brown sugar, and a bit of mint to lighten it up.  It’s the perfect level of sweet and smooth.

Hurricane Heather @ Powerhouse Grill

A hurricane is traditionally a warm-weather, tropical drink, but the Hurricane Heather utilizes black cherry brandy, adding a darker flavor that perfectly fits into winter palettes.  Enjoy it with an order of shrimp cocktail!

Bliss Martini @ Yakima Steak Company

The Bliss Martini comes in a few different flavors, but when it’s cold and gloomy out, the best option is ginger-citrus.  The notes of orange brighten up the beverage while the ginger tempers it with mild spice.  It pairs well with the restaurant’s blue cheese sliders.

Cranberry Cooler @ Norm’s

The cranberry cooler brings the warmth of tequila to the tart cranberry flavor.  A bit of fresh lime brightens the dark flavor, like the first signs of spring breaking through the grey winter weather.  After a long day, this is a great drink to relax with.

Enjoy some of Yakima’s best cocktails around town this winter!