If you’re only in Yakima for a short time, make sure you get the best experience possible with this one-day guide.

8:00 AM – Backwoods Cafe

Start the day off with a delicious breakfast at the Backwoods Cafe.  Try the Orchard Skillet, which includes potatoes, sausage, and Swiss cheese, as well as apples, which perfectly balance the sausage.  It’s all topped with a pair of eggs and served with toast.  The protein and bit of carbs will ensure you have plenty of energy to see the city!

9:00 AM – Yakima Valley Museum

Learn about the Yakma Valley and its robust history at the Yakima Valley Museum.  The two-level building has exhibits covering a wide variety of topics, from the 15 million year old trees in the Miocene Forest to the importance of bees in Yakima agriculture.  By the time you’re done, you’ll have learned a lot about the area.

11:30 AM – Winey Dogs

Grab lunch at Winey Dogs – their hot dogs are over-the-top delicious!  The Craft Ale dog is a delicious option, with onions, cream cheese, and jalapenos, as is the Show Dog, with white wine mustard.  Enjoy it with a chili potato!

12:30 PM – Yakama Cultural Center

Learn about the Native American community in Yakima, and more specifically the Yakama tribe.  The on-site museum has displays of Native craftwork, clothing, and musical instruments, and plenty of information about what life was like, both before and after settlers.

3:00 PM – Winery or Brewery Tour

Take an hour or so to visit one of the 120 wineries in the area or acknowledge Yakima’s role in producing 75% of the nation’s hops by touring a brewery.  Noches Heights Vineyard has one hour tours that are followed by a wine tasting, where you can taste the differences between different wine blends.  If you’re more of a beer fan, visit Balebreakers Brewery, who is just starting to offer tours where you can see how hops and water are turned into one of the nation’s favorite beverages.

4:30 PM – Shopping

Close out the afternoon by wandering Summitview Avenue, where you’ll find a variety of small shops to browse.  Gretchen is an excellent clothing shop, so if you want to dress up for dinner, stop in for a new outfit, or visit Inklings, a community bookstore with a number of special events to encourage reading and bring book-lovers together.

6:30 PM – Zesta Cucina

Zesta Cucina is an excellent choice for dinner.  Start with the spicy Lava Lava shrimp, then feast on cedar-planked salmon, a Washington State specialty.  The creamy risotto is the perfect complement to the woodsy notes baked into the fish, and you’re sure to love these flavors of the Northwest.

9:00 PM – Xochimilco Tequila Bar

After dinner, relax and chat at this tequila bar, where you can sample a variety of tequilas straight up, or enjoy a refreshing margarita.  This restaurant has a great lounge area to just enjoy the evening!

See Yakima in all its glory, no matter how long you’re in town!