If you’re wondering where to go for a good cup of coffee, hit our favorite cafes!

Yakima's Java Hotspots

Mak Daddy

This cafe roasts their own beans which means all the flavors in the cup are fresh and rich.  Try a cup of their bourbon-cinnamon infused coffee for a unique, flavorful experience, or stick to black coffee so you can really taste the roast of the beans.

Northtown Coffee

Located at the train station and offering comfortable chairs and free Wi-Fi, Northtown is an excellent place to hang out and do a bit of work while you enjoy a cup of java.  Their white mocha is delicious as is the blended coffee during the summer, and you can add your choice of flavored syrups to personalize it.

Newsroom Coffee

The Newsroom is great for basic coffees done well – opt for a cappuccino or americano.  You can also get some amazing pastries or delicious, creamy gelato while you’re in the shop!

Cruisin’ Coffee

If you’re hoping for something fancy, Cruisin’ Coffee has you covered.  Their Coffee Cloud is made with espresso, ice cream, and white chocolate for an indulgent and yummy beverage.  You might want to add a bit of mint syrup to make it even better.

C&S Coffeehouse

This is another great option for frozen coffee drinks, with a vast menu of flavor options.  The Reese’s pieces will help give you a caffeine boost, even though it tastes like dessert, and the cotton candy flavor can satisfy any sweet tooth.  While you’re there, order a peanut butter waffle!

Don’t go without your morning fix while you’re in Yakima when there are so many great options available!