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Category Archives: Things to do in Billings

  1. Take This Scenic, Billings Horseback Riding Tour

    Saddle up at Bitter Creek Outfitters for the best horse-riding experience in Montana. Bitter Creek Outfitters is a family-owned business that provides guided trail-riding excursions across their 7,000-acre cattle ranch. Located just minutes outside of Billings, Montana, this ranch borders the famous Yellowstone River on one side and the Crow Indian Reservation on the other….

  2. Best Billings Nature Destinations

    The Rimrocks Swords Park, Billings, Montana This must-see Billings attraction features many parks and the famous Angel statue overlooking Rocky Mountain College. The rimrocks are geological, sandstone formations that outcrop the city of Billings. Over 80 million years, the sea level rose and fell leaving behind a deep layer of sand that is fascinating to…