As an old town with roots in the Wild West, Billings has plenty of ghosts.

Rex Restaurant

Rex Restaurant in its former life was a brothel, a speakeasy, and even an opium den, so there are plenty of people who suffered violent deaths in the building.  The basement is haunted by an unhappy gambler who suffered a run of bad luck, while the main floor features a prohibition bartender who was shot by the mob.  The second and third level were frequented in life – and death – by a prostitute.  It’s said that diners and employees have been attacked by angry spirits, although there is also a fairly friendly waiter haunting the building who is known to stand by patrons’ tables, checking to see if their meal is satisfactory.

Depot Antique Mall

The antique mall in the 40s was a grocery store, and located near the site of a plane crash.  Rumor has it that the funeral home ran out of room for the bodies of the victims, and out of necessity, the grocery store placed them in the freezer.  One of those bodies was that of a World War II soldier who still roams the building.  He’s a bit shy, so if you catch a glimpse of him, don’t speak – he’ll just disappear.

Western Heritage Center

The WHC is another building with three common ghosts, each of whom has staked out their own little haunting area.  The basement belongs to an elderly man who enjoys relaxing by the fireplace, while the main floor has an elderly woman roaming around and greeting guests.  The attic belongs to Priscilla, a little girl who died far before her time and is trapped on this earthly plane.

Yellowstone Art Museum

The museum is located in the old jail, where a man hung himself in the doorway and plenty of prisoners died over the years.  The prisoners still rattle the jail cell bars and cry for help and freedom, so keep an ear out if you visit!

Enjoy exploring some of Billings’ haunted buildings while you’re in town this Halloween and pay respect to the dead!