Explore Billings and its neighboring towns to discover more exciting adventures that you and your family will enjoy. From Billings, you can visit Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary and the Red Lodge Mountain. Make the most of your vacation to Billings, Montana by exploring thrilling activities and adventures! 

Red Lodge Mountain

If you are staying in Billings, Montana, traveling to Red Lodge Mountain takes about an hour, a bit farther than the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers scenic views from the mountain peak and it is an ideal destination if you are traveling during winter. The Red Lodge Mountain gets covered in snow during winter that makes it a great venue for outdoor winter adventures. Bring the whole family to Red Lodge Mountain and have fun!

Outdoor Adventures in Red Lodge Mountain

Visit the Red Lodge Mountain and have a great hiking experience with your friends. During winter, the Red Lodge Mountain becomes a venue for people who want to experience outdoor winter adventures such as skiing and snowboarding. If you are yet to learn skiing and snowboarding, you may avail of Red Lodge Mountain’s group and private lessons. You can also have fun playing golf while you are in the Red Lodge Mountain.    


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Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

Learn more about Montana’s wildlife by visiting Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. It also takes about an hour from Billings to Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. You will see adorable, but part of the wild Red Foxes and other wild animals such as Black Bear, Gray Wolf, and Mountain Lion. Join Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary educational programs and learn more about the wild.