The “Rims” is a peaceful escape from the city. It has unique sandstone rock formations, miles of hiking and biking trails, rock climbing areas, and beautiful scenic views overlooking Montana’s biggest city. The Rimrocks are geological rimrock sandstone formations in Billings, Montana. Eighty million years ago, the city’s metro area was the Western Interior Seaway shore, a sea that went from the Gulf of Mexico to the Artic North. Sand and sediment from the sea were deposited around the shoreline. A deep layer of sand was left behind, and it was compressed into the sandstone the rims are made of today.

This place offers attractions like Yellowstone Kelly’s grave site and the Angel statue that overlooks the Rocky Mountains College located west of the airport. It also provides excellent hiking areas. There are multiple parks atop open year-round (depending on weather conditions). Some of the parks available inside the Rimrocks are:

Zimmerman Park

This park is the go-to place for anything at the top of the Rims. Here you can find several hiking trails, rock climbing crags, biking trails, nice picnic spots, and some of the city’s best views. This park is dog friendly, but you must clean up after them, especially if it’s near the path.

Four Dances Natural Area

This natural area is a great place to admire the sunset. The path is easy once you’re at the top of The Rims and get to the edge in a few minutes. Once at Four Dances, you can watch the Yellowstone River, down the valley, and across Downtown. Four Dances is home to birds of prey.

Swords Park

A part of Swords Park runs for a couple of miles near the airport, but it also has a big area where visitors can bike, hike, and climb around where the Rimrocks end. The Swords is a perfect place to take a bike and enjoy the Rimrocks.

Rocky Mountain College Park

Located west of the airport, you can find a part of Rocky Mountain College park with a long gravel parking lot; this is just the strip north of Rocky Mountain College. You can also find Mary’s statue with an RMC class of ’56 inscription along the edge of the rims.