Washington State has some amazing craft breweries, and Yakima hosts some of them – learn which ones we think you should visit!

Hop Nation Brewing Company

31 N 1st St, Yakima, WA 98902

Hop Nation offers numerous European-inspired brews, from the German-style Killa Flotilla, a kolsch beer, to Grossman’s Scottish Ale.  They also offer a variety of ciders – the Tieton is a favorite.  Pair their beverages with a plate from their kitchen – maybe a bratwurst – and you have the recipe for a relaxing evening.

Cowiche Creek Brewing Company

514 Thompson Rd, Cowiche, WA 98923

Located twenty minutes outside Yakima, Cowiche Creek is well worth the short drive.  The brewery focuses on the hops to bring new and complex flavors to their creations.  By using a variety of types of hops, they manage to create robust beers that will surprise you.  The Tiny Dog IPA will prove their success – it’s crisp with plenty of flavor.

Single Hill Brewing

102 N Naches Ave, Yakima, WA 98901

New to town, Single Hill Brewing opened just a year ago in June 2018 but has quickly become popular in the community.  In their taproom, you’ll find both classic brews and innovative new creations, so be sure to broaden your horizons when you order – you just might find your new favorite.  Their Hitched beer is popular for weddings, as nearly everyone enjoys the crisp and fruity flavors.

Valley Brewing Company

3215 River Rd, Yakima, WA 98902

Founded by three college friends, Valley Brewing celebrates the relaxing and community aspects of beer.  Their Citra A** Down brew is an amazing fit for summer, with grapefruit and citrus flavors bursting out.  Drink one on their outdoor patio, and you’ll understand why the owners love craft beer so much.

Yakima Craft Brewing Co.

2920 River Rd, Yakima, WA 98902

Yakima Craft Brewing uses their beer-making process to pay tribute to the history of and Yakima’s contribution to craft beer.  This means using classic techniques, local hops, and embracing the beer community.  Get a beer flight so you can taste multiple types before picking your favorite.

75% of the hops used in the USA are grown in Yakima, so you know we have great beer – make sure to visit the breweries while you’re in town!