Visit Yakima Valley’s Bottles, Brews, and Barbecue Festival this Saturday in Prosser’s Vinter Village!

For the Bottles, Brews, and Barbecue Festival, local vineyards, breweries, and restaurants come out to watch chefs compete for the regional title of best barbecue.  The winner will advance to the national competition, and everyone else simply gets to enjoy a day of great food and drinks.  The event is for adults only, so the kids will need to go to a different activity!


There’s obviously going to be barbecue.  Beef brisket, shredded pork, even chicken or turkey.  All different chefs, all different restaurants, and it will all be delicious.  However, don’t feel like barbecue is the only thing you’ll eat.  Burgers, hot dogs, even Italian food will be available, and definitely don’t forget to stop by the Blissful Bites food truck for a cupcake!


The Yakima Valley has some amazing breweries and a number of them will be at the festival for you to sample their creations.  Try ales, lagers, and stouts, and even pick up a six-pack or a growler if you find a blend you like!

In addition to beer, local wineries will be at the event, so feel free to test your wine knowledge.  Find the perfect red to go with meat, or a great white for a summer sangria.  There are so many blends available, you’re sure to find something you like.


All day long, you’ll be able to enjoy the music of various local bands playing at the festival.  In addition, visit other vendor booths for local artisans selling their wares.  You may pick up some nice souvenirs!

Have a great weekend by attending the Bottles, Brews, and Barbecue Festival in the Yakima Valley!