The big game is a big deal in Elko, and you’ll be in good company when looking for watch parties! All of the bars, pubs, and many restaurants in the area will be hosting. However, since Elko is a quaint town, you won’t need to elbow your way through the crowd. Instead, you’ll find plenty of fellow football fans, cold drinks, and great company.

Try Matties, a sports bar and brewpub that dishes up some of the best fare in town. At the Horseshoe Club, where the locals like to go, you’ll quickly feel at home. Stray Dog Pub and Café is a favorite hotspot where the menu is on point and the service is fast and friendly.

Your Top Picks

Many Ledgestone guests prefer to stay in their room, and if you know folks in town (traveling or otherwise) there’s plenty of space for you to play host! Oversized suites, a kitchenette, and comfortable seating allows for the perfect small watch party right in your hotel.

Inez’s is a great pick if you want someone else to do the cooking, or head to the Red Lion Casino for table games in between quarters. In Elko, football is a way of life—and the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in town.