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  1. Basque Food: Better Come Hungry

    Basques are the vibrant people from a region on the northern border between Spain and France. They first emigrated to Nevada for gold in the 19th century and as they became part of the state, Basques blended their distinct culture with other influences to the region and you can see it until today. Once you…

  2. Scenic Drive and Tours in Elko

    Hop into the coolest 4-wheel vehicle and go for a scenic drive and tour in Elko! If you want to experience a half-day or whole day scenic drive, there are available routes that you may take that offer stunning views of Elko, Nevada’s natural attractions. Plan your vacation and drive to Elko today for a…

  3. Amazing Historic Spots in Elko, Nevada

    Historic tours in Elko, Nevada will let you know more about its rich history and culture. Visit Elko’s museums and galleries to witness the amazing collections of historical items and knowledge to share with your friends. Plan an educational and historical tour of these attractions in Elko that we listed! Western Folklife Center Western Folklife…

  4. Healthy Options in Elko

    Live longer by eating healthy with these healthy options that you can find in Elko, Nevada. Get the daily nutrition you need by dining at the restaurants in Elko that offer healthy dishes for your diet. Explore the streets of Elko and find the nearest healthy restaurant from our list! Odeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant Have a…

  5. Fun Things to do in Elko, Nevada

    Elko, a tiny village in northeastern Nevada at an altitude of 5,060 feet, offer visitors a great view of nearby Ruby Mountains. This desert region is home to many parks offering plenty of recreation and history with its two museums preserving the culture and history of the American West. Outdoor Recreation Angel Park offer visitors two…

  6. Yee-haw! Home of Art and History of Cowboy

    Elko is a city not only known for its beautiful attractions, culture, and history. It is also known for its Cowboy culture. Did you know that the world-famous Cowboy Poetry Gathering started here? Howdy! Let us dive deeper into Elko’s amazing cowboy culture. What is Cowboy Poetry? It is a form of poetry that grew…

  7. The Best Attractions in Elko that you Need to Visit

    The warm weather in Elko makes the city a must-visit throughout the year. Tourist attractions and outdoor recreational activities are popular in the city and can be found in the rugged mountains or the large wilderness. Liberty Lake in Lamoille Canyon Located within the Ruby Mountains Wilderness, Liberty Lake is a beautiful glacial lake with…

  8. Bask in the Elko’s Basque Festival

    The National Basque Festival in Elko is considered the pride and joy of Nevada. What began as just a simple celebration for Nevada Basque sheepherders and cattle ranchers turned into an extravagant festival in 1964. Every year after the 4th of July, the weekend celebration is attended by both Bascos (Basque people) and guests alike….

  9. Peculiar Attractions in Elko

    Visitors to Elko, Nevada always go to the hot tourist spots around the city. Breathtaking views and fun activities are usually popular among tourists. For those who have been to the city numerous times and who want to see a few new attractions in Elko should check out these three things.   The White King…

  10. Take-Out Is Easy In Elko

    Enjoy delicious food right in the hotel room by ordering from one of these great restaurants! Dreez Order breakfast from Dreez’s extensive menu.  Their pistachio waffles are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle, with a soft pistachio flavor perfectly accented by the mound of whip cream and strawberries on top. …

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