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  1. Cowboy Joe Coffee: Wild West Brews

    Located in the center of Elko, Nevada, Cowboy Joe Coffee offers more than just a cup of coffee; it’s an adventure into the rugged allure of the Wild West, where locals gather together and pay tribute to the exquisite craft of coffee roasting. Earning a stellar reputation as Elko’s go-to coffee haven, Cowboy Joe Coffee…

  2. B.J. Bull Bakery: Tradition and Taste

    B.J. Bull Bakery is a family-owned establishment steeped in tradition, having delighted the community of Elko, Nevada, with its delectable baked goods for over three decades. At the heart of B.J. Bull Bakery’s fame lies its Cornish meat pies, affectionately known as “pasties.” Crafted fresh daily with wholesome ingredients, these pasties reflect the bakery’s commitment…

  3. Basque Food: Better Come Hungry

    Basques are the vibrant people from a region on the northern border between Spain and France. They first emigrated to Nevada for gold in the 19th century and as they became part of the state, Basques blended their distinct culture with other influences to the region and you can see it until today. Once you…

  4. Healthy Options in Elko

    Live longer by eating healthy with these healthy options that you can find in Elko, Nevada. Get the daily nutrition you need by dining at the restaurants in Elko that offer healthy dishes for your diet. Explore the streets of Elko and find the nearest healthy restaurant from our list! Odeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant Have a…

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