Learn about Nevada’s ghosts and urban legends before you run into them this Halloween!

Handsome Henry

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Beware of the White King!!! Commercial Casino, Elko

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Right here in Elko, the Commercial Casino was the site of a murder years ago.  Handsome Henry was in a room on the second floor with his stunningly beautiful mistress, when her husband found them together in bed.  Jealous, he shot them both.  To this day, Henry still wanders the casino, looking for his lost love.

Pyramid Lake Mermaid

The mermaid of Pyramid Lake, just a few hours from Elko, is rumored to once have married a member of the Paiute tribe.  Their marriage, however, was deemed inappropriate by the elders and she was banished.  In her heartbreak, she now swims in Pyramid Lake, drowning any who approach the shore in anger for being abandoned.

Pyramid Lake Water Babies

Pyramid Lake and the Paiute have a lot of history.  Another urban legend claims the Paiute tribe used to toss deformed babies into the lake, as they were hindrance to the tribe’s survival.  The spirits have grown angry in being disposed of so callously, and now take revenge by pulling people from their boats and drowning them.


Lake Tahoe is a popular hot spot, so it comes as no surprise that it’s got a legend of its own.  Tessie is a sea monster, along the lines of Nessie or the Kodiak Sea Monster, who lives in the lake.  She’s spotted surfacing in June of every other year, with her next appearance coming up in 2020.

Now that you know some of the supernatural happenings of Nevada, beware this Halloween!