It’s that time of year when everyone makes resolutions and then breaks them – don’t follow the crowd just because you’re traveling!

Exercise More

This is one of the most common resolutions, but no one wants to work out while they’re on vacation!  However, in Elko, there’s plenty of classes that make exercise fun at Empower Fitness!  DanceFit lets you dance your way into shape, with great music blasting over the speakers and influences from various dance styles, including zumba and salsa.  BodyCombat combines various martial arts and self-defense techniques into a strenous workout that’s going to get your adrenaline up and give you some skills for real world situations.

Eat Better

Everyone likes to indulge in some potato chips periodically, but it’s all too easy to let junk food become a major part of your diet.  If your goal is to eat better, step one is better ingredients.  Pick up fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on at the Elko Family Farmer’s Market – when they’re fresh, they taste so much better, and you won’t mind subbing them in instead of candy.  You can also pick up new recipes from the vendors and learn how to cook vegetables that you didn’t know you liked.  If you haven’t tried beet carpaccio, you are definitely missing out!

Learn A New Skill

As you get older, it’s easy to spend too much time working and not enough time doing something you love.  Pick up a new hobby, reduce your stress, and enjoy a little personal time!  The Elko County Art Club can help you find your creative side with their classes, from watercolors to acrylics to crafts.  It’s a great opportunity to try something new or improve your skills in a medium you already enjoy.

Make 2020 the best year yet by sticking to your resolutions and exploring all Elko has to offer!