The warm weather in Elko makes the city a must-visit throughout the year. Tourist attractions and outdoor recreational activities are popular in the city and can be found in the rugged mountains or the large wilderness.

Liberty Lake in Lamoille Canyon

Located within the Ruby Mountains Wilderness, Liberty Lake is a beautiful glacial lake with a difficult trail perfect for an exciting backpacking trip. The Liberty Lake Trail is a long hike with a complete view of the mountains and a rewarding sunset setting. Along the trail, hikers will find an abundance of wildflowers and amazing views of the lake. Something hikers can look forward to. There are also campsites near the lake for overnight camping.

Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Experience

The Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Experience is a heli-skiing operation that provides tourists with an unforgettable winter adventure in the “Alps” of Nevada. The limitless terrain is a favorite with skiers and snowboarders. After enjoying the mountains, guests can dine and relax at the base lodge. Experienced and qualified instructors and pilots working for Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Experience operation make adventures with them safe and enjoyable.

Jarbidge Wilderness Area

With amazing displays of diverse wildlife and vegetation, Jarbidge Wilderness is an isolated area in the northeast of Nevada. The protected wilderness has native habitats of woodlands and nearly ten mountain peaks. Untouched lakes and streams can also be found in the wilderness perfect for fishing and hunting. The favorite of hikers and backcountry tours, tourists can hike the main trailheads, Snow Slide Gulch, Slide Creek, Camp Draw, Seventy-Six Creek, and Three-Day Creek.

Surrounded by natural landscapes of forests and mountains, Elko is attracting tourists who seek to experience thrilling adventures in this blessed city.