Chique Unique & Antiques is a remarkable portal to the past, brimming with vintage allure and many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. With every stride across its threshold, patrons are enveloped in an ambiance that transcends time, where meticulously selected items await, each bearing its tale.

The establishment prides itself on offering a meticulously curated collection of artifacts, from the weathered pages of old books to the fragile elegance of porcelain teacups. Each item has been handpicked for its unique qualities, ensuring that every visitor, whether a seasoned collector or a casual observer, finds something that intrigues them—a silent beckoning to unravel the mysteries.

At Chique Unique & Antiques, a reverence for craftsmanship permeates the air. Among the shelves lie exquisitely handcrafted wonders—a quilt stitched with the tender affection of a grandmother, a wooden rocking chair that has cradled generations, and delicate lace doilies that once graced Victorian parlors. These items transcend their status as objects, serving as companions on a journey through time, seamlessly connecting the past with the present.

Venture deeper into the store’s heart, and you’ll find yourself traversing the Antiques Alley—a charming corridor adorned with many curiosities. Vintage typewriters stand poised, inviting visitors to compose their narratives, while brass keys unlock the secrets of forgotten eras. Sepia-toned photographs, nestled within ornate frames, offer glimpses into ancient times, where nostalgia intertwines with curiosity, promising surprises around every corner.

Chique Unique is a sanctuary for the relics of yesteryears and a vibrant canvas for local artisans to showcase their talents. Their creations, whether hand-painted ceramics, whimsical sculptures, or meticulously crafted furniture, infuse the space with authenticity and vitality, adding depth to the overall experience.

Beyond its tangible offerings, Chique Unique & Antiques thrives on the bonds of community and connection. It is a gathering place—a hub where neighbors come together to swap stories, collectors share insights, and newcomers are embraced with warmth and hospitality. Owner Mrs. Evelyn Grant, with her personal touch and comprehensive knowledge, adds a layer of familiarity and charm to every interaction, ensuring that visitors feel right at home.

The store also hosts various events and workshops, from vintage-themed tea parties to hands-on restoration sessions. These experiences go beyond mere transactions; they are opportunities to preserve heritage, impart knowledge, and foster a deeper appreciation for the past.

Chique Unique & Antiques is more than just a retail establishment; it is also a gateway to a bygone era, where history whispers and memories come alive. So, the next time you find yourself in Elko, don’t hesitate to step inside, run your fingers over the weathered surfaces, inhale the scent of old leather, and listen closely—because within these walls, the echoes of the past await your discovery.


608 Commercial St, Elko, NV 89801 | +1 775-934-5411 |