Brewery TourDowntown Billings is an interesting destination featuring great historic locations and an exciting nightlife. Featuring two distilleries and several local breweries, this unofficial ‘brewery district’ provides a great opportunity for a pub crawl. With everything in a close 1.5 mile walking distance, why not take an evening stroll and enjoy sampling some of Billings’ locally brewed and distilled spirits? With several stops along the way, it is an easy jaunt from beginning to end.

Grab a seat and enjoy a brew or two on one of the patios. If you aren’t sure what you like, just ask the bartender for a sample. They will be happy to educate you on each beer and the brewing process to help you make your selection.

The six breweries along the route include:

-Angry Hank’s Micro Brewery (two locations)

-Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.


-Carter’s Brewing

-Himmelberger Brewing

-Montana Brewing Co.

Trailhead Spirits is one of the stops along the way and is known for its very own house made vodka and gin, which we hear, is worth a try. Take a look at the tour map and decide for yourself where you should start. If you are a cheap date, break up the tour into two nights or stop at a new brewery each time you visit Billings. There is no need to rush through things, these amazing and popular places aren’t going anywhere. As always, be safe and drink responsibly. Don’t be a super hero, take a cab and sleep off the excitement of the night with us.