In Big Sky Country, the dessert is also sky high! Start your sweet tooth journey at Your Story Cakes, the go-to spot for specialty and wedding cakes in town that also offers up a variety of baked goods for any occasion—even if it’s just a craving. MAd Cupcakes Bakery and Coffeehouse is a great spot to sip espresso alongside something sweet. There’s also free Wi-Fi so you can work while you indulge, but you’ll probably still prefer your hotel suite that’s 20 percent bigger than standard rooms to take care of business.

Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream Co. Inc. is a top rated creamery that makes pints by hand and where the tastings are limitless. Of course, there’s also a Cold Stone Creamery in town if you’re craving something a little more familiar. Billings Best Yogurt is an option for something a little more tart.

muffins with apples and oat flakes

Sweet Beginnings

Don’t miss out on Caramel Cookie Waffle Company, where the name speaks for itself. Billings Dessert is the aptly named shop that says it all in just two words. There’s also Baskin-Robbins and Dairy Queen in town if that’s what strikes your fancy.

No trip to Billings is complete without a stop at Softies, the local ice cream joint. From Candy Town USA to CherryBerry’s frozen yogurt and Spinners ice cream parlor, everything’s fresher in Montana, including the dessert!