Your Billings hotel is close to some pretty sweet snow play and sledding spots, but how can a visitor know where to go? Depend on the locals for the best kept secrets, like Sacajawea Park for some gentle hills and rollers great for kids of all ages (and adults, too!). Also check out the Rimrock Elementary School at Rimrock and 13th. Their backyard and play area is open to the public when school isn’t in session, and you’ll find some amazing hills here.

Pioneer Park is a favorite for some families, complete with benches so you have somewhere to set down your hot cocoa and coffee between sleds. You can also pump up inner tubes at the nearby gas stations. There are flat areas that are perfect for building snowmen and making snow angels.

Play Time

The hills at Castle Rock Park are famous among the locals. They’re located in the Heights, not far from downtown Billings. Others head to Oak Street, where you’ll find a massive hill. There are usually no more than ten people there even on the best snow days, so you can get in plenty of runs. It’s a spot only residents know about.

There’s also Rimrock’s Cameron Park, although there are bike trails buried in the snow so you’ll want to be careful. The hill is steep and there might be some courageous winter cyclists out there, so tread carefully.

Where did you find the best snow play in Billings?