Billings offers some of the most amazing views in the country and the best way to see them is to hike some of our favorite trails!

Norm Schoenthal Island Outer Loop

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This trail falls just under 2 miles and is an easy trail that’s perfect for beginners.  It runs near the Yellowstone River, and since it’s on a floodplain, you’ll see changes every time you visit.  If you have kids, they’ll have a good time as well, spotting reptiles, amphibians, and birds along the walk.  While this is a wonderful trail to explore, the proximity to the water can make the bugs a bit of a nuisance, so make sure you bring bug spray.

John H. Dover Memorial Park Loop

This trail is two miles of easy walking near the river and beautiful views from the bridges.  It’s a good hike for beginners, or for the days when you just want a short, easy hike to work off some excess energy. The loop isn’t overly popular, so it’s generally not very crowded, making it a great place to be alone with your thoughts.

Four Dances Trail

At just over two and a half miles, the Four Dances Trail is a great challenge for intermediate hikers.  If you head left at the beginning, you’ll walk along the rim, which will give you the best distant views.  Be careful, though, and beware of your surroundings – snakes can be a bit of an issue if you’re not paying attention.  Bring your camera, because you’re going to want pictures.

Mystic Lake Trail

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Mystic Lake Trail is 5.5 miles of beautiful outdoors, culminating in the lake itself.  The up segment can be difficult, partially because even in May and June, there may still be snow on the mountain path, so be prepared.  However, once you reach the peak…there’s nothing like it.  You will be rewarded with such beauty, you may need to sit down (so take a break and enjoy it).

East Rosebud Trail

The longest trail we’re recommending at 6.7 miles, East Rosebud Trail is great any time of the year, particularly for those who enjoy seeing wildlife as they walk.  Moose, birds, and unfortunately ticks, can all be found on this trail.  You’ll spend the whole day hiking, so pack lots of water and supplies, but it’s well worth it as you pass stunning waterfalls, and get to see the view from the top.