If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, we have some extreme activities for you to try while you’re in Billings!

Whether you’re a fan of sky, land, or sea, Billings has an extreme sport that’ll thrill you.

Cattle Drive

This may not be your typical “sport” but being on a real cattle drive is certainly exciting.  The Dryhead Ranch allows you to work with cowboys as they separate calves and move cattle.  You’ll be doing it all on horseback, riding through rivers, chasing a stampeding herd, and anything can happen at any time.

Learn To Rodeo Ride

This is really for people who already know how to get on and stay on a horse – you’re going to want to have a solid understanding of the basics.  Take lessons at Red Beard’s Ranch and learn to barrel race, polebend, and do other fun rodeo activities.  You’ll fly around the barrels at top speed, leaning in until you’re nearly horizontal, or learn to rope a bull.  It’s your best chance to be a rodeo star for a day!


Zipline over Montana Canyons with Outlaw Canyon Adventures.  You’ll get a rush from seeing the rocky landscape passing quickly by below you and the wind in your hair.  It’s thrilling and exciting, and you’ll easily forget the safety measures in place.  Additionally, it offers a great view of Montana.


If you’ve ever wanted to try rock climbing without those pesky harnesses and ropes, bouldering is your dream come true.  Learn how to do it at Steepworld, and then you can decide if you want to take those skills out into the real Montana mountains.  It’s thrilling and exciting, but make sure you’ve learned all the appropriate safety precautions first!


Because paragliding just wasn’t exciting enough, people have now added a motor to it.  Blackhawk Paramotor can set you up with equipment and lessons, and then get you into the sky.  You’ll be able to see far into the horizon, offering gorgeous views, and you’ll have a rush, knowing you’re flying like a bird.  It’s amazing fun, and not too scary for people who are a bit more hesitant.


Skydiving is a fairly classic extreme sport, for good reason, as falling from the sky certainly raises your adrenaline.  Skydive Whitefish will help you achieve your dream of jumping from a plane, and even take video of it for you to relive the experience later.  When you jump at 10 thousand feet, you may even catch sight of glaciers in the distance!

White Water Rafting

Adventure Whitewater will take you for the raft trip of a lifetime!  Choose between the Stillwater and Yellowstone rivers, and a half-day or full-day trip, then put on your life jacket.  Be careful over the rapids, lest you fall out of the boat, and enjoy watching the shoreline during calmer parts of the river.  Rafting is always fun and a great way to enjoy the water.

Montana embraces the extreme side of life, so while you’re in town, take advantage of all the activities you can participate in!