The restaurants near Ledgestone Hotel in Billings, Montana serve a wide range of dishes for you to try. Their food and good service will make you come back for more!

Texas Roadhouse

If you cannot decide whether to eat healthy or to have a steak party, Texas Roadhouse at 1824 King Avenue is the right place for you. This Texas style restaurant serves both vegetarian and meat dishes for you to choose from. You can eat your heart out with an average size slab of their juicy sirloin steak with either cheese or gravy. You can also order a healthy salad or seafood if you do not feel like eating a lot.

Texas Roadhouse is not only popular for their Texas size servings, they are cheaper than most steakhouse as well. You will be leaving the restaurant with a full stomach and more money in your wallet.

Crazy Mary’s Fish N’ Chips

The best place to get your fresh dose of seafood dishes in Billings is at Crazy Mary’s Fish N’ Chips at 1494 6th Avenue. Most locals suggest you try their catfish, walleye and their oyster.

Not only does this restaurant serve fresh and flavorful seafood cuisine with sizeable portions, they also have lovely and welcoming staff who are ready to serve you.

Montana Brewing Company

After all the food that you have stuffed yourself, time to wash it all down with a fresh brew at Montana Brewing Company found in 113 North Broadway Street. If you are hungry, then you have to try their cheesy man n’ cheese or munch on a veggie burger.

While you enjoy the view of Billings, do not forget to treat yourself and your companion in these restaurants. Great food, good service and affordable prices!