Looking for the best coffee in Vernal? Guests don’t have to travel any farther than the lobby of their Ledgestone Hotel for genuine Arabica mugfuls (or make some in your room!). Still, checking out local coffee joints is a great way to get some neighborhood flavor. In Vernal, there’s Naples Country Café, open until 9pm for those who prefer their java after dark. Try Shivers N Jitters, a Vernal favorite that’s open until 8:30pm.

At Spoofs Coffee Drive-Thru, you can get that morning jolt you need in a flash. Betty’s Café is a mom and pop breakfast/lunch diner that serves up coffee strong and piping hot. Beans and Brews is open until 9pm, and a local secret for some of the best beans in town.

Just How You Like It

There’s always the nearby Subway and McDonald’s for coffee lovers who like their fix fast, affordable, and with a favorite breakfast sandwich to go. Sonic Drive-In, the A&W, Arby’s, and Burger King also hit the spot for many.

Getting the perfect cup of coffee kicks off the perfect day. In Vernal, there’s no shortage of places to get your vice soothed. However, depend on your Ledgestone team to deliver some of the best java in town.