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  1. Utah Field House of Natural History

    Discover the prehistoric world at the Utah Field House of Natural History Museum while digging for fossils or while you explore the dinosaur garden. Evidence of Earth’s history is visible within an 80-mile radius of the City of Vernal. This museum reveals this geologic story with fun exhibits and hands-on activities. The Utah Field House…

  2. Vernal Utah Temple

    The Vernal Utah Temple is the 51st Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This Temple is the only LDS temple built from a previously existing structure. Initially, this building served as the Uintah Stake Tabernacle in Eastern Utah for Latter-day Saints. The Tabernacle’s foundation was constructed of sandstone with walls built…

  3. River Rafting & Tubing in Vernal, Utah

    Vernal offers several recreational areas for different outdoor activities; among all the options available, water activities are one of the most fun in Vernal, and other tours offer such water activities. River Rafting and Tubing are very popular among locals among the many water activities available. Rafting is a recreational activity in which you use…

  4. McConkie Ranch

    Located north of Vernal, McConkie Ranch, the Dry Fork Canyon petroglyphs are well known for their quality and accessibility. The panels at this place cover 200 feet of a cliff face in the Navajo formation. This primitive art gallery from 1-1200 A.D. displays perfect Feront Native American culture examples. The petroglyphs are in a private…

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