Vernal has a variety of great locally-owned restaurants, so make sure you’re hitting the best of the best while you’re in town!

Antica Forma

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look at that arugulaaaaa 👀

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This cozy Italian restaurant offers both pasta and pizza, so no matter your mood, you’ll be well-satisifed.  Everything is made in house, down to the dough and even the mozzarella, and that incredibly fresh taste elevates the food to mouthwatering.  The carfioci pizza comes with artichoke hearts – something you don’t even know you’ll enjoy, but if you want a heartier slice, try La Nonna, topped with proscuitto and arugula.  If you’re hoping for pasta, Antica Forma knows how to do alfredo right – no bland, watery sauce here!

King Tut and Dinosaur Cafe

This small restaurant does a mean chicken-fried steak.  While they also serve delicious breakfasts, if you’re coming here for dinner, enjoy some red meat.  The salmon is another good choice, perfectly grilled and light enough for warm evenings in the late summer or early fall.  Their dessert options change daily but are always decadent.

Cafe Rio

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If you’re looking for something spicy, Cafe Rio cannot be missed.  In cold weather or on rainy days, you may want to opt for the comforting tortilla soup, with chicken and cheese.  Their enchiladas are spicy and gooey, drenched in sauce, and served with rice and beans.  For Mexican food, Cafe Rio is a must-visit.

Swain Brothers

The cajun mahi mahi is to-die-for!  It’s light and spicy, the perfect accompaniment for the hearty steak it comes with.  This steakhouse delivers on flavor, so start your meal with the fried green beans and make sure to save room for dessert.  This is where you should go to break your diet!

Eat well while you’re in Vernal by taking advantage of some of our homegrown restaurants!