Did you know some of these fun facts about Elko, Nevada?

Elko was the destination of the first commercial mail flight.

In 1925, the US Postal Service began transporting mail across the country using planes, and the very first flight flew from Pasco, Washington to Elko, Nevada.

Elko is a literal goldmine.

Elko was founded as a gold town in the time of the gold rush, although the ranching and tourism industries have grown greatly since its founding.  As a state, Nevada provides more gold than most countries, but Elko is the city that actually harbors most of Nevada’s gold veins.

Elizabeth Potts died here.

The only woman ever executed in the state of Nevada, Elizabeth Potts was hung in Elko in 1890.  She and her husband were convicted of the murder and mutilation of her second husband, whom requested or possibly attempted to blackmail her into paying his debts.

Commercial Casino is the oldest casino in Nevada.

It was built in 1969 and is the most haunted place in Elko.  Between mistresses being shot dead by jealous wives and and Wild West gunslingers, there’s sure to be ghosts who have stuck around.  Patrons and staff have reported instances of being locked in offices, seeing shadows and figures, and on the third floor (the scariest floor), hearing gunshots, the screams of crying babies, and doors opening or lights turning on by themselves.

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