Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors or just want a bit of peace and some exercise, you’ll enjoy hiking these trails in the Elko area!

Lamoille Lake Trail

At 3.7 miles, the Lamoille Lake Trail seems easy, but is certainly challenging enough for advanced hikers, earning a difficult rating.  It’s fairly steep at various points, but the scenery is hard to beat, as you wind around the Dollar Lakes until you come up to Lamoille Lake.  It’s best in spring and fall, as summer brings a lot of mosquitoes.

Thomas Creek Trail

This 4.4 mile trail in Lamoille Canyon features plentiful wildflowers, various waterfalls, and numerous opportunities to see local wildlife.  It’s not especially difficult so beginners will enjoy the hike, and dogs are welcome if you want to bring your furry friend.  If you’ve decided to hike on a hot day, consider this trail.

Ruby Dome Trail

Ruby Dome is a fairly advanced trail due to elevation, but the views along the way are well worth it.  There’s plenty of beautiful flora lining the trail as you explore the canyon during the 6.5 mile hike.  There are some steep areas, but Griswold Lake is a nice resting spot.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air as you hike in Elko!