Northeastern Nevada’s largest town, Elko, is influenced by the Western cultures of some of Nevada’s untamed wilderness and the Ruby Mountains. With several areas to explore here, you’ll always have things to do here -it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors-. You can either go on hikes, visit iconic restaurants, explore murals and public art, or visit cultural institutions that display Nevada’s artistic heritage. Make sure to visit these Elko’s museums the next time you’re around.


Northeastern Nevada Museum

This museum features six galleries full of local history exhibitions, art, and wildlife habitat dioramas. So, there being a wide variety of exhibits, we assure you there is something for everyone to like in this 20,000 feet museum.

The Northeastern Nevada Museum’s primary goal is to preserve and teach about the history of northeastern Nevada. This historical and cultural Center maintains a quality facility that serves the area and its visitors with different collections, archives, art exhibits, research facilities, and a community experience.


Western Folkie Center

This Center provides a platform for urban and rural communities to exchange ideas and thoughts. They’ve been in charge of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering since 1985; this gathering celebrates and promotes the artistry and ingenuity of life in the American West.

The Wester Folkie Center shares the fieldwork, research, exhibits, and documents that share the heritage of Elko, Nevada, throughout the year. Their educational programs help engage with western communities.


Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum 

The Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum showcases the traditions and culture of cowboys. This place offers a deep dive into Nevada’s story and culture, filled with the American West cowboy’s history and traditions. It connects past and present like no other western community while focusing on the importance of Elko’s vibrant, thriving history.


California Trail Interpretive Center

This pioneer history museum takes every visitor on a historical journey. You’ll get to experience -first-hand- what it was like to be one of the many brave American pioneers that first settled in Nevada and California by visiting the lifelike exhibits and living-history events available. This experience is an opportunity for every family member and the fun interpretative programs available.