Elko held its inaugural Elko Mural Expo in a three-day course in the fall of 2019. And within that timeframe, Elko -a Nevada town known for its rich artistic expression- was the recipient of a vibrant ‘face-lift.’ This Expo featured a live painting event that recruited 40+ muralists to create 60+ murals in three days. This spectacular and unique event worked thanks to Nevada’s talents and artists worldwide.

During this three-day Expo, a big group of muralists gathers around to create unique, different size pieces. More Elko Mural Expo events have been held ever since, bringing alleyways and downtown buildings to life with beautiful murals.

Inspired by the Elko Mural Expo, This tour was born in 2019. This place is located within a one-square-mile piece of downtown Elko, filled with thought-provoking and brightly colored scenes, making this Mural Tour a must-experience. Here you’ll discover 60+ murals created by artists from all over the world (especially the west).

In a city where Western heritage traditions and culture are already part of everyday life, these public kaleidoscopic art pieces catapult Elko’s cultural experience to another level. With many murals blanketing Elko’s downtown, you’ll find plenty of eye candy to lighten your visit.

When strolling through downtown Elko, these eye-catching murals are hard to miss; everywhere you look, you’ll see Elko’s story told in unique ways. The more significant concentration of murals is in the downtown center, home to Roy’s Market, Cowboy Joe, Western Folklife Center, Ogi Deli, and more.

If you ever find yourself in Elko, swing into the art galleries or stroll downtown to learn more about Elko’s rich western traditions and heritage; you may find a new perspective you had yet to see.