Vernal is known as Dinosaurland because of all the dino fossils in the area so we made a list of prehistoric-related activities for you to do while you’re in town!

Dinosaur National Monument

11625 E 1500 St, Jensen, UT 84035

Dinosaur Quarry is an old riverbed that has a very high concentration of fossils.  You’ll be able to see hundreds of extracted bones, and drive or hike around the land to see where the dinosaurs used to live.  You’ll also have the opportunity to view ancient petroglyphs.  Inside the exhibition hall, you can see skeletons of numerous dinosaurs and hear rangers discuss the geological and scientific aspects of the area.

McConkie Ranch

6228 McConkie Rd, Vernal, UT 84078

Take a short hike down Petroglyph Trail and view the images that were created over 1000 years ago!  Many of the pictures are war- or hunting-related, although some do indicate religious beliefs or domestic life.  It’s amazing to think how even so long ago, the indigenous people thought to document their lives, and how those simple images provide clues of those lives to people now.

T-Rex and Dinah

Hwy 40, Vernal, UT 84078

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Dinah, the Pink Dinosaur, says hello from Vernal! She is an amazing 40 feet tall pink fiberglass statue who is not showing her age. Originally Dinah was built in 1958 to hold the sign for the Dine-A-Ville Motel, which was located at 800 West Main in Vernal. Utah. The motel was demolished in 1999 when the land was sold to Mountain America Credit Union but the sales contract stipulated that Dinah was to be preserved. Although Mountain America tried to incorporate her into their plan for their new building they eventually decided to donate her to Vernal City. Dinah was moved from the original location along US-40 to a city park on the east side of Vernal. Last pic is a vintage postcard of the original Dinah. #RoadsideAmerica #RoadsideAttractions #1958 #MidCenturyMotels #midcentury #LocalLandmark #DinahtheDinosaur #DinahthePinkDinosaur #dinahthedinosaur #VernalUtah #us40 #utahhistory #visitutah #utahpreservation #historicpreservation

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These statues may not actually be historical, but they’re still very important Vernal landmarks.  Situated across the street from each other, the giant green T-Rex and pink Dinah, the two statues have become representative of northeastern Utah and welcome all guests into town.

Utah Field House of Natural History

496 E Main St, Vernal, UT 84078

This museum houses numerous artifacts, fossils, and displays spanning millions of years of history.  From dinosaurs to modern wildlife to Native American culture, this is the place to go to learn about all the things discovered in the surrounding landscape.  Don’t miss the Dinosaur Garden with amazing models of the ancient reptiles.

Make sure you see Vernal’s dinosaur sites while you’re in town!