As one of the best-known places in Vernal, Utah, John Jarvie Historic Ranch has so many stories that needed to be told. The locals have preserved John Jarvie’s ranch for the people to visit and to share its history. It is known as one of the historical places that you might want to put on your list to visit when you are in Vernal city.

Who is John Jarvie?

Born in Scotland, John Jarvie moved to Browns Park in Utah with his wife in 1880. He started a store not only selling goods, but it was also known to be a post office, river ferry and a cemetery. Jarvie took advantage of the location of his new home to provide travelers, mountain men, residents and Indians a stopover and sell them anything they need.

Why Is He Famous?

John Jarvie’s ranch was the only and the nearest store locals and travelers will find within 70 miles. Having operated his store for a long time and served many, Jarvie’s ranch gained popularity in Brown’s Park. It was also said that John Jarvie was admired by a lot of people for being kind to children and other hobbies such as playing chess. He was also in demand for playing the organ and the concertina at social events.

John Jarvie’s Ranch Today

John Jarvie’s ranch is known today as the John Jarvie Historic Ranch located in Brown’s Park in Vernal, Utah. It became a museum of decorated walls and guests will get to watch a video on the history of the ranch. Replicas of John Jarvie’s goods are displayed in the historic ranch that will give the guests an experience pretending to operate John Jarvie’s store. Guests will find more in John Jarvie’s Historic Ranch.

It was once a store that was visited by a lot of people in the past, but it gave significance to others that shared good memories with John Jarvie and his place. The locals of Brown’s Park and Utah never forgot the good deeds of their beloved neighbor. John Jarvie’s Ranch remained memorable as the home of the man that was loved by many.