Vernal, Utah is home to one of the largest collection of Jurassic dinosaur bones and its amazing red rock canyons. One of the highly recommended activities in the area is to go camping in some of the best campsites Dinorsaurland has to offer.

Ashley National Park

Ashley National Park is the largest campsite with 91 miles of territory and is notable for its trophy trout fishing. Behold the opposing colors of the blue night sky and the red rock cliffs with green bushes and trees as you sit in front of a bonfire.

The park provides campers with 23 camping areas, comfortable lodging and guides to allow its guests the best camping experience.

Red Flag State Park

Since dinosaurs had once inhabited the lands of Vernal, many of these creatures have left evident reminders of their existence through numerous dinosaur tracks that have been dated back to 200 million years ago. Feast your eyes on these ginormous pawprints at the Red Flag State Park, a camping and conservation park in North Highway.

This sanctuary offers a truly Jurassic-like experience where you can have picnics and campouts while looking towards the majestic sandstone and desert sceneries.

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The North and South Windows by moonlight, Arches NP, Utah. Taken the last time my wife and I were at Arches – last September – the moon had become strong enough to "wash out" the Milky Way. Moonlight can make all but the brightest stars invisible. It also tends to make the sky look blue, at least as far as the camera's sensor is concerned. But that doesn't mean you can't do night photography. The good news is that you don't need to do any light painting or shoot multiple images to reduce noise levels. Such was the case here. A 13" exposure at ISO 1600 and f/2.8 were more than sufficient. The bonus, of course, is that everybody else had left. During the day parking in the Windows area is nearly impossible. At 10:00 PM it's not a problem. You just get a little lonely….. #nightscape #windowsareaarches #moonlitlandscape #archesnationalpark #utahparks #astrophotography #nightskyphotography

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Vernal KOA

Camping enthusiasts with RVs or camper vans can visit Vernal KOA where they can safely park their camping vehicles while enjoying park’s various amenities. Guests can go swimming, fishing, jet-skiing and hiking!

People who do not have camping equipment or vehicles can also camp at this site because Vernal KOA provides cabins perfect for individuals who prefer glamping, a style of camping that includes complete amenities and provide a more comfortable endeavor compared to traditional camping.

If you want to have fun and a unique camping experiences, visit these camping grounds in Vernal and prepare to be blown away by the city’s breathtaking landscapes!