Basques are the vibrant people from a region on the northern border between Spain and France. They first emigrated to Nevada for gold in the 19th century and as they became part of the state, Basques blended their distinct culture with other influences to the region and you can see it until today. Once you come to Nevada, you can see multiple Basque restaurants and bars where you can enjoy absolutely amazing food. Find more about it below. 

Louis’ Basque Corner

Located on East Fourth Street in Downtown Reno, Louis’, Basque Corner should be on your list when visiting Nevada. It opened in 1967 and since then they have been serving delicious and authentic Basque food. The food served here is just simple and typically family-style and before your meal, first enjoy their traditional Basque cocktail. 

Toki Ona Restaurant 

Be delighted as Toki Ona offers you their Basque Style, Baked Lamb. This restaurant has been the local favorite since 1990, they are known for serving fresh and 100 percent never frozen pork, lamb, chicken, beef and seafood in both Basque and American dishes! They serve large portions to make sure you are satisfied and happy. Toki Ona also has a full-service bar where you can chat and sit with your friends. Come, stop in and have great food! 

Villa Basque Cafe

Villa Basque is a locally owned cafe that is inspired by Pete and Martha Cascara. It is home to Pete’s world-famous Chorizo and other specialties as well like Paella. You are very much welcome in this home and be fascinated looking into Basque culture and the American Dream.